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About Us

Omar started Kids On The Go in 2009 in continuation of his mother’s efforts to help busy families with the routine of getting kids to and from school. Having three school going kids of his own, he was well familiar with the daily struggle and methodically set out to create a solution for safe, reliable and affordable transportation for kids.
Starting on his own, Omar slowly and selectively built up a team and today he works along-side reliable, vetted and fun drivers whom he has known and trained over the years to handle Kids On The Go.



Our Team

Providing you with the best service is a team of our trusted drivers. We know driving kids is a serious job and our team is most equipped to do that while ensuring kids enjoy the ride to school and activities.
Our drivers are required to submit a clean driving record, must pass extensive criminal background checks by the State of New Jersey and are trained to handle little ones. They are also specially trained to deal with delays and emergencies and will communicate with parents promptly in such circumstances.
Our vehicles are licensed, insured and inspected regularly to ensure smooth rides.

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