Payment Policy

• All payments are on a monthly basis and due on the 1st of each month. Payments will be processed VIA Auto Pay all processing Fee are included with payment and tax fees
• The payment for the first and last week is due upon signing the K.O.T.G Contract (No Exceptions).
• Full fees will be charged for the months when schools have half day dismissal, public holidays and vacations.
• If clients go on personal vacations, 50% monthly fee will be charged to secure a seat on the bus for that month. Cancellation of the bus service will result in the deposit being used to cover the fees for that month and lead to the termination of the contract.
• If clients start on the 15th of the month or after, a full deposit and 100% of monthly fee will be charged.

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Policy

• Clients are required to inform K.O.T.G. and the driver if their children are not going to school, running late or have a change of pick-up plan.
• If parents have any concerns, questions or issues regarding their child’s experience, we will call for a meeting with the parents to work towards a best solution for all parties involved.
• Clients are required to be ready 5 to10 minutes before pick-up to assure prompt arrival at the children’s school.
• Drivers will wait for a grace period of 5 minutes only, before moving to the next pick up point. (No Exceptions).
• If the driver is delayed for some reason, clients will be informed through a “WhatsApp” message.
• All schedule changes have to be discussed with the K.O.T.G owner (Omar Musa). The drivers do not have the authority to change pick-up time or locations, unless authorized by K.O.T.G.
• The drivers will inform the clients if there is a major delay through a “WhatsApp” message.
• There is no set drop-off time. K.O.T.G has between 15-55 minutes to drop the children, based on the work load, road conditions, and weather.
• Please be reminded that this is a transportation business for children and not a cab service. To ensure the safety of all children, the drivers are required to drive safely without rushing or expediting the drop off time.

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